• About Hi-Res Ink images

    A section of high resolution ink in water photographs. Suitable for background images, and overlaid to form abstract images.

    Created using the following technique, these images were originally create as part of a background for a website.

    Personally I found the best technique for producing good results was to photograph ink drops into a fish tank of water, however I have also tried this technique with different shaped vases for flowers. The curves of the container reflected the lighting around the ink in different ways creating interesting and different results. Along with varying the ink drop size and your camera shutter speed again will create interesting and different results.

    Fish tank – or large transparent glass container
    Ink or Food colouring – try different colours although darker colours will produce the best results
    Camera – shutter speed and manual focal control would be ideal
    Tripod – to set the height and focal depth to the fish tank contents

    Set up the clear container in front of a white background, additional lights e.g a couple of desk lamps shining onto the background will help get a good white balance on your camera.

    Fill the container with water, I have heard that warm water may help slow the ink drop spread however I didn’t find this necessarily.

    Set up your camera on your tripod in front of the container, and set your camera to manual focus. I have found by holding a spoon in the water allowed me to manually focus the camera. Drop your ink into the water, and take lots of photographs. Vary what you drop with e.g spoon, paint brush or pipette. The abstract and unpredictable results of this technique means that the more photos you take the more abstract results you will have.

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